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    VBA to delete duplicates by message-id on common pst for 2 or more emails

    Hi, I am running Outlook 2010 32-bit and I have a single PST for multiple POP3 email accounts (it works best for me to have all incoming emails in a single inbox and all emails i send into a single 'sent' folder). But many times, people send emails to more than one of my email accounts...
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    How to receive mails on behalf of when sent to group mail?

    Hi, I receive mails from a group mail sender - ( is in the From field, it's also in the contact list as Pi_team). In the message header there are some specific words I can search for -> ex: From: Mike " Is it possible to set up a...
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    Capture incoming emails

    I am using the below code to set the default folder as Inbox. Set gnspNameSpace = Outlook.GetNamespace("MAPI") 'Outlook Object Set fldInbox = gnspNameSpace.Folders(GenericFolder_Root).Folders("Inbox") Set myInboxMailItem = fldInbox.Items Hence all the incoming emails in Inbox are capture...