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    iCloud Setting missing Outlook tab and Outlook missing the iCloud refresh button

    Got a new computer and have problems in connecting synch iCloud and Outlook 365 (2016?). Have problems in both Outlook and iCloud Settings. 1. In Outlook, the iCloud add-in is checked and indicates that the add-in is active. However in Outlook, the iCloud Refresh button on the menu is not...
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    Uploading Outlook 2016 Contacts to Exchange Server Drops "Company" field data in 30% of records

    Specifics: *Outlook 2016 32-bit from Office 365 Personal, latest version as of 8/20/16 *Exchange Server (ActiveSync) (version unknown but is hosted by Microsoft) *800 contact records, cleaned in advance in an Outlook 2016 .pst file Added contacts via dragging records from an Outlook 2016 .pst...