ms outlook 2010

  1. ashcosta2

    Auto Reply rule based on speficied time

    Dear All, I am looking for a vba script to specify a auto response message when ever someone sends an email to my inbox between 6PM to 5AM. I am using MS Outlook 2010. The sender if sent a email at after 6pm will trigger a custom message that states "Kindly call me on this number" Appreciate...
  2. Ascar_CT

    MS Outlook 2010 with Hotmail connector went spam control nuts

    Hello, Diane. After reading your latest post on Outlook-Tips about Outlook crashing when parsing HTML messages I started thinking and would like to ask whether, to your knowledge, there was any Outlook/Office update in the last batch (11/11/15) that may change Outlook behavior in terms of spam...