out look 2016

  1. ThinkToday

    Calculate reply time of outlook mail

    How can we calculate the reply time of outlook mail, without getting all threads, and can we find the total response time taken in outlook conversation.
  2. S

    auto-mapping mailboxes in outlook impacting an ost file?

    Hi all, we are getting some mixed feedback on auto-mapped mailboxes. Some users are complaining that their ost files are growing unexpectedly when they have a mailbox auto-mapped. Does the "download shared folders" check box apply to auto-mapped mailboxes? We would expect it to apply whether the...
  3. S

    Adding new Exchange (2016) rule very slow down Microsoft Outlook

    1 down vote favorite We have recently rolled out Exchange 2016 + Outlook 2016 across our business, and have just finished migrating users over to this. One of our machine which has 20GB Email (automated emails for logging) takes ages when creating a rule within...
  4. O

    Can I single-space the folder list?

    Outlook 2016 shows the folder list double- or triple-spaced, which greatly reduces the amount of info on the screen at once. Can this be changed to single-space?