1. Nufc1980

    Outlook "Please treat this as private label" auto added to some emails - Help.

    For many years, we've had to work around a frustrating issue with sage and outlook. 1) We generate invoices and statements from sage 50 as a PDF. Sage exports this to outlook 365 and the email ends up in the senders outbox. 2) All emails generated from sage to outlook 365 contain a security...
  2. CWM330

    This rule has a condition that the server cannot process?

    Hi, I am setting up rules for the first time for my Fastmail IMAP account in Outlook 365 For every rule I have set up: From is: XXX@XXX.COM MOVE TO: XXX Stop Processing filters But, every time I edit my filters I get a warning message saying " This rule has a condition that the server...
  3. CWM330

    Importing " Old Skool" Data

    Outlook365 Windows 10 Pro Eudora ( the last Windows version) I am needing to know, how do I import data from Eudora to Outlook365? Thanks
  4. B

    IMAP server rejects sent email - cannot deliver messages

    Hi all, I have an interesting problem with Outlook 365 (business license). I have some Exchange email addresses and some IMAP email addresses from different providers. They're all entered as accounts in Outlook 365. When I try to send IMAP messages on my Ionos account (I have more than one)...