1. Owl

    Export Outlook PDF Attachment as JPG?

    Hello! I'm rather new to VBA. I have working code to save pdf attachments to a folder. Is there a way to convert these attachments to an image filetype such as jpg using VBA? I've looked all over the web, but the only solution I can find is to open the pdf in PowerPoint and export it as a jpg...
  2. D

    Saving Selected Emails as PDF and saving Attachments

    Greetings, I have inserted code below that, frustratingly, used to work. I need to highlight multiple emails and have the email save as a PDF and the attachments save with similar names for government logging purposes. The code below used to function. The problem was that within 1,000's of...
  3. I

    Outlook 2016 64bit - on receipt convert emails into PDF and save

    Hi, I could not find a VBA for this. Is there a way to convert received emails, as they are received, into PDF and save the PDF into a defined folder in the computer hard disk? This should work as a rule, only for selected emails (depending who is the sender). Any advice is welcome :-)
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Save Outlook Email as a PDF

    Diane Poremsky submitted a new article on Slipstick.com Save Outlook Email as a PDF Continue reading the Original Article at Slipstick.com