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    Reading Pane safety

    Consumers' Checkbook, a nonprofit that exists to serve consumers, has advised at How to Monitor Your Credit Report and Score: Turn off your email service’s preview pane, which allows some viruses to execute, even if you don’t open the email. The "preview pane" is in Outlook the Reading Pane...
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    Tasks - the missing link... for me at least.

    Hi all I love Outlook Tasks. I customize the list view all sorts of ways to suit my needs and run it alongside my calendar to great effect. The only thing that has continued to bug me in not being able to edit in the reading pane - is there still no solution to this? And now a new desire...
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    Auto Preview Attachment in Inspector Reading Pane

    I'd like to create a user form that would work with the mail Inspector object. The form would have up/down arrows that would let me scroll through mail items, viewing them in the Inspector (the same functionality as the arrows already available on the QAT). And also a command button to forward...