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    Custom Form Controls Not Visible To Recipient

    Hi All, Very new to this forum. I appreciate any help I can get. I have a custom form message with controls (checkboxes, date controls, etc.) that users fill out. After they send the message though, I am not able to see the controls that conveyed vital information. I just get a normal outlook...
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    Macro to add multiple recipients to message

    I would have thought this would be simple, but after searching the interwebs for several hours, I am no closer to figuring out an answer. Heres what I am trying to accomplish. For work using a web-based form, I create a PDF, that opens directly in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. I edit said PDF (if...
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    Moving Emails Based on Recipient/Sender

    Greetings, I have what seems like should be an easy challenge but the simplistic "Outlook Rules" are not getting me all the way to my solution. I was hoping folks here could maybe help. I need to separate emails that are both from and to internal company people from emails that include...