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    Schedule recurring email and attachments display

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'd like to set up a recurring email within Outlook. I've been told that you can't schedule an email to send but I've been given a code to convert a calendar invite into an email (as its a calendar invite I can schedule it to send when I want) The only...
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    Recurring invite sent w/distribution list adding/removing attendees

    Recurring Outlook invite sent with distribution list In the past, when I add/remove attendees, I am prompted to send update to all or just those updated. Recently, an invite did not prompt me and invite (for entire year) was sent to all attendees. Also, what is the best practice to add/remove...
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    Recurrence and custom fields

    Hello! I've got question - recurrence affects only default start and finish date fields? Is it possible to connect custom date fields to reccurence? When recurring task is done than new recurring task item is created with updated date fields (default start and finish date fields are updated)...
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    Recurring icon for custom form task item

    Hello! Greetings :) I need help! I've created a custom task form (IPM.Task.Zadanie) from default task form (IPM.Task), changed icons in properties tab - large and small - to task icons found in Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\FORMS\1045 folder (TASKL.ICO and TASKS.ICO - i use Outlook...