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    Autosave Attachment and Rename

    I have the following code that autosaves the attachments from any incoming mail and renames the attachment with the date and time so as not to overwrite. Public Sub AutoSaveAttachment(itm As Outlook.MailItem) Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment Dim saveFolder As String Dim dateFormat...
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    Outlook Subject Line Macro

    Hi Guys, Unsure if this is possible and im really new to this but is it possible to look for say a 6 digit number within the subject line and save it. Example: Subject line: math test 675439 Macro will resave over the original email as subject line 675439 Not matter where in the text the...
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    Changing the name of Outlook Messages saved to a folder

    Diane, I wonder if you could help with a problem I am experiencing at work? I work for a large company and we all get inundated with work related emails all day every day. My colleagues save up their emails and then move them en-mass to folder(s) on a server. I try as best as I can to date and...