1. B

    Please remind me how I added this message button

    Years ago I added a button to toggle dark/light mode for messages. It shows in the reading pane and when I open the message. I can't remember how I did this. 🤬 Can anyone tell me how to access this part or how I might figure it out? I'd like to update my options. I have searched for hours and...
  2. L

    Getting Index from dropdown inserted on ribbon

    Hi all, On olkexplorer.officeUI (Outlook for Microsoft 365 MSO) I have manually added a dropdown with several items followed by several buttons. <mso:dropDown id="MydropDown" label="SOLV Tickets" enabled="true" getItemCount="Project1.DDItemCount"...
  3. kburrows

    Outlook 365 - Ribbon Customizations Disappear

    Fairly frequently, Outlook will reset my ribbon customizations. I have exported the customization, but when I import it, it doesn't revert to my settings. What is causing the ribbon to reset so frequently and how can I get a customized ribbon to import correctly? I think Microsoft likes to...
  4. A

    Possible to hide ribbon with custom appointment form?

    I want to always have "required attendees" appear when I create a new appointment, without having to switch to the scheduling assistant or select "invite attendees." The only way I've figured out to do so is create a new custom form with that field in the template. (Let me know if there is a...
  5. Diane Poremsky

    Synchronize Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbons?

    Diane Poremsky submitted a new article on Slipstick.com Synchronize Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbons? Continue reading the Original Article at Slipstick.com