1. B

    Seeking help with Outlook rule

    Using Outlook 365. I'm wanting to set up a rule that triggers when I receive a message sent to an e-mail group I'm a member of, but only if that's the only reason I'm receiving the message. If the message was also sent to me directly, or to a different mail group I'm a member of in addition to...
  2. BartH

    Add a string to the conditions in .Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Text

    I use multiple rules that use conditions like BodyOrSubject holds "string1; string2 etc" I can manually add a string to the BodyOrSubject conditions, but now want to do that with VBA. The code below runs fine until "oRule.Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Add strSubject" - what would be the correct...
  3. diver864

    vba for a rule to automatically accept meeting requests with 'vacation' in subject, change to all-day event, change to free, don't send reply

    Hi, the company I work for sends out meeting requests to everyone when someone is going to be on vacation, as a way of letting people know who's not going to be available. But the meeting requests are set for 8am to 5pm, include the standard 15 minute reminder, and are set to busy, which makes...
  4. T

    "Words In Recipient's Address" Rule Causes Outlook To Stop Processing Rules

    For years I have wondered why Outlook would not process my Rules and Alerts automatically when an email arrived. I simply resigned myself to Run All Rules manually every couple of hours, which is terribly inefficient. I also implemented Diane's awesome macro to run rules based on a Task...
  5. N

    Outlook rules don't create a copy for bcc'ed emails

    I have rules to create a copy if an email in addition to what is saved in the sent folder. Commonly, if I send to, I create a rule so a copy of the email is saved to a folder named Doe, Jean. I have lots of rules, and they're a pain to create (hello, MS, why is the basic...