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    How to display sender's name instead of email address in outlook 2013 message

    Hi, I use outlook professional 2013 and there's an email group account PI_team <>. Me and my colleagues were set up to receive the mail when someone sends to this group mail. I have also Jira configured to send mails upon issues via mail server. Sender's email address is the...
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    Automatic color category according to variable domains

    Hi All, Sorry in advance if this question has been asked already, I just can't seem to find anything online that I can understand. My experience with VBA is limited to its applications with excel. Everyday, I receive hundreds of emails from variable external persons. I would like to assigned...
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    Inserting sender name and address with vba

    I am trying to create emails using vba. I get the email created with the To:, Subject:, Body:, and attachments just fine but none of the examples that I've searched and researched seem to show the sender's name, address, phone or anything like that. For instance: Public Sub sendmeTest() Dim...