1. N

    Custom Form Controls Not Visible To Recipient

    Hi All, Very new to this forum. I appreciate any help I can get. I have a custom form message with controls (checkboxes, date controls, etc.) that users fill out. After they send the message though, I am not able to see the controls that conveyed vital information. I just get a normal outlook...
  2. Dilshad

    VBA editor opens when sending an email

    Hi, I have written a code to check if I have my manager in to or cc. If not then it gives a popup. It is working fine. but the issue is when I send an email, VBA editor opens and points at If statement. Please see screen shot and code below. Screen Shot: Code: " Private Sub...
  3. C

    Auto Add a PDF to an outgoing Email, based on a rule

    Hello I would like to have a few PDF files and based on a keyword in the body of an outgoing Outlook message for the appropriate PDF to be autoattached eg I might have Audi.pdf BMW.pdf Toyota.pdf in the outgoing email I would have a 'code string' for instance eg *audinews* When this is seen...