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    How to create a button that sorts and selects the most recent message with ONE click

    I've tried to find an answer to this question so I joined this forum to see if you can help. I want a single button that does both of these things together: 1. Sorts my mail newest to oldest so that the NEWEST message is at the top of the screen 2. Select the newest message After I have been...
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    Any way to force sort by/group by on search results with VBA?

    Is there any VBA code that will take the current Outlook search results and apply a "sort" and/or "group by" on those results? When search results span many folders, it takes several steps to add the "folder" field back into the results and then "group by" that field. Is there some way to...
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    [TOOL] QuickModules to sort emails very quickly to multiple folders

    Hello all ;) , I did not find a way to include it in resources so I'm posting it here. This is a project (VBA Outlook) that I've made that really helped me sorting my emails with Outlook when I was managing projects and had many emails coming on various topic I had to follow. Email rules...
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    Sort emails into subfolders based on sender and deleting emails automatically

    Hi All, Sorry in advance if this question has been asked already, I just can't seem to find anything online that I can understand. My experience with VBA is limited to its applications with excel. At the moment, every time I save my spreadsheet at work, it will automatically send that saved...