1. C

    Outlook - Macro to block senders domain - Macro Fix

    Hi Mum I've had problems with spam filters in Outlook for years. Paid solutions just don't work predictably. I found this post on a journey to try and fix it: Macro to block senders domain. I wrote my own fix, and am sharing it here. It will even block entire domains with the click of a...
  2. J

    How to Block junk/spam domain

    About 3 weeks ago I started getting 20-25+ and more obvious junk/spam emails (Windows 10 Outlook desktop, Microsoft 365 current version). They are all related to investing/making a profit/fortune/etc. All different email addresses. I have set my Outlook junk setting to high and almost all are...
  3. Witzker

    Macro to move @domain.xx of a Spammail to Blacklist in Outlook 2019

    Hi I have to move from OL 2010 to 2019 Now its also time to take care of increasing Spam I get. As OL can normally only add the whole email address to blacklist it would be great to have a macro in the ribbon that does the sane as Block sender, but not only move xxx@dmain.xx but @domain.xx...
  4. T

    Outlook AntiSpam with VBA

    So we know Outlook has this internal filtering system that sends junk mail to Junk folder even when filtering option is turned off. I'm wondering if there's a way to look at or "hack" it. Using VBA or something? I want to keep some emails from being labeled as Phishing or junk by the internal...
  5. M

    Blocked Sender List @Domain Not Working

    While I've seen similar threads, I haven't seen any solutions to the onslaught of spam emails. I'm trying to block at the domain level and I'm having limited success. I'm receiving up to 100 spam emails per day. Many come in the form of numbers and the numbers are changing constantly. I know...