1. A

    Is there an ID field you can use to pair a reply to the sent email?

    Hi all, Is there a field within an Outlook mailItem which allows you to store an ID number e.g. 123456 which you can read from their reply email? I am trying to insert a contactId somewhere in the email which I can read when the person replies and use to make updates to an Access database. I...
  2. C

    Workflow system

    I have a team of 15 people using outlook to send a document to various parties and upon their approval or changes made in the form the team needs to work further on those documents. Is there any functionality or software through which I can achieve the below results: 1. A workflow can be seen...
  3. H

    tracking time of emails

    Want to see if all mails from each client (there are around 25) have been responded timely. I want that whenever an email is sent to a particular client (each client email will have a unique identity number in it) then in an excel sheet or in some other format I could get the result showing me...
  4. E

    Outlook Form - Voting Responses Not Auto Processing If Form Contains Any Code

    I have a situation where I have some Outlook forms with voting buttons (actions) whose responses are not auto processed (tracking updated) if there is any vbscript code within the form. I have the Outlook tracking options checked for: Automatically process meeting requests and responses to...
  5. rino

    email campaign - tracking opened emails

    my company is planning to launch a series of email campaign internally. one requirement is to be able to track (and therefore log) that an email was opened. I have look at read receipts but the problem with it is some power users can disable and prevent sending back read receipts thereby...