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Just recently oe7 is doing strange things. When I click on a message in the Inbox to read it, a reply window automatically pops up--sometomes more than one. Same if I actually choose to make a reply (I just had four pop up at once). If I delete a message (even if I use the keyboard), it will sometimes delete the selected messsage and the one after it.

I recently went through old messages and either deleted them or moved them to the hard drive. The Deleted and Sent Items folders are either cleaned out or small.

I thought maybe it's a corrupted .dbx file somewhere, but my machine won't let me access the stored folder.

As a side note, I've noticed also that if I try to highlght some text to copy it, it will either highlight it, then un-highlight it, or it will skip over parts and selectively highlight. Could this somehow be interconnected?

Any ideas?
An addendum to my previous post (it wouldn't let me edit it). The messages that pop up are just duplicates of the downoaded messages or reply windows. Obviously this should not be happening.

I did find a way to access my store folder and deleted the Deleted Items folder there, but that didn't fix the problem.
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