Promoting and demoting dns w/ exchange 2007 sp2 environment

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Hi, I have a w2k dns server that serves as primary zone and a 2k3 dns server that is secondary in my 2k3 windows/exchange environment, I would like to promote the 2k3 dns to primary dns. Can someone please give me a step by step so I dont screw everything up?

This isnt something I do daily and I dont want miss anything.. The demoted w2k will be replaced with vmware as secondary.

I know I have to:

Change static dns settings on exchange

Promote secondary to primary

Change ip settings on my dhcp server to reflect the change

> ..... ?

Any help would be appreciated - Great site by the way!
it sounds like you have everything covered - i would make the primary changes first, then change exchange to point to the new primary, update dhcp, then remove the old one.

This was the only info i could find at Microsoft: How to configure DNS to use with Exchange Server
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