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    duplicate e-mails from gmail?

    I'm currently receiving duplicate emails from gmail when I have the account linked to my outlook. The same goes for my other school e-mail which I also have linked. The strange thing is not every e-mail I receive is duplicated. Another thing is that I tried to disable forwarding from the...
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    can't log chats in outlook?

    I've googled this before and found explicit directions that don't work with the current layout of Outlook. Did they remove this feature?
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    forwarding from 365 to hotmail account?

    My school current has our e-mail setup through 365. I want to convert from gmail to my new Hotmail account. I can't fully do this because when I try to add a send and receive account for my school e-mail it gives me a vague error that either my password was incorrect (nope) or that my settings...