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    Export task list view settings to other pc

    When I run the first part of this,CopyView, the selector comes up and I select a task folder as a directory and then.. nothing. This is what I would expect as it is does copy. When I run the second part, ImportView, I get the error message "Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block...
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    what file contains contacts, tasks and appointments stored locally?

    I am moving my Outlook 2016 on win 10 install to a new PC. My main email account is an IMAP, which migrated all my email without issue. I run contacts, tasks and appointments locally. My question is where are these local items stored? I assumed it was in a *.pst file but I can't find it! Is...
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    GTD Netcentrics add-in for 2016

    Hello TwoFivePie; I empathize as I have been using GTDOA for at least a decade. As GTDOA will not run on future versions of Outlook, I have put together my own GTD for Outlook based on Outlook's robust functionality that goes beyond GTDOA. However, I really miss GTDOA's ProjectCentral...