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    Can't share email folders

    I'm trying to achieve the following: 7 users on hosted Exchange 2010. All users on Office 2010 except 1 on 2013. I've set up an email I'd like everyone to use this as a shared account with folders and sub-folders they can copy emails to. But I can't seem to do it...
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    Weird Inbox problems Outlook 2010/13 and Exchange

    Thanks Diane, Rhat was exactly the problem, there's a weird bug in imap migration that changes the default view. Even resetting the view doesn't help. You have to go in and delete the view.
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    Weird Inbox problems Outlook 2010/13 and Exchange

    Really weird one this. I've migrated 7 accounts across from IMAP to Exchange. 5 have migrated across really well. 2 are having problems with the Inbox in Outlook 2010 and 2013. They both sync all folders to exchange except for the Inbox. The Inbox show all the emails up to the date of the...