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    Multiple Exchange Mailboxes

    OK, Have studide this but it is a bit to technical for me ............ Any way you can give me a guide how to do it ?
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    Multiple Exchange Mailboxes

    Have 5 different domain names. Have exchange mailbox / e mail for each domain i.e,, etc So have 5 mailboxes listed in outlook tree. By default each mailbox has following folders in outlook tree: Inbox Drafts Sent Items Deleted Items Junk E...
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    Change order in which multiple exchange accounts are displayed in outlook tree

    When setting up multiple exchange accounts (4 of them) is there any way to change (or control) the order in which they are displayed from top to bottom in the outlook tree. I want to have the one I use most at top and the one I use least at bottom.
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    Permanent Removal of RSS feeds folder amd Search folder in Outlook 2010

    Anyone know a way to permanently remove the RSS feeds folder and Seach folders from outlook tree. I never us them so might as well get rid of them if possible ?
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    Outlook 2010 Mutliple Exchange Accounts SET UP QUESTIONS

    OK I have already done this, was looking for a permanent removal rather than hiding them. Was also wondering if I could merge the in, out, draft and sent boxes for all 4 accounts into 1 set of boxes, although I guess this defeats the purpose of having separate mailboxes and will be pretty...
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    Outlook 2010 Mutliple Exchange Accounts SET UP QUESTIONS

    Have 4 exchange accounts set up on 1 outlook 2010 profile. 1 account used for mail, calender, contacts, notes, tasks Other 3 accounts just e mail Outlook tree is cluttered, duplicating all folders etc for the 4 separate accounts. Is there anyway to remove the calender, contacts...