Permanent Removal of RSS feeds folder amd Search folder in Outlook 2010

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Anyone know a way to permanently remove the RSS feeds folder and Seach folders from outlook tree.

I never us them so might as well get rid of them if possible ?
Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but is it possible to explain please how you can use MFCMapi to delete the search folders?

I found this thread previously and I think I must have just got lucky but I was able to delete the search folders at that time but now that I have a new laptop I cannot work out how to do it now.

Thank you,
The steps are the same as for any folder, only the name changes:
  1. Session menu > Logon then choose your profile (if asked)
  2. Double click on the data file that contains the folder you want to delete
  3. Expand Root Container and Top of Personal Folders
  4. Find folder, right click choose Delete
It's sometimes better to hide the folder, it's less likely to be recreated. See for a video and written steps for both delete and hide.
Thank you for your prompt reply Diane, the bit I am struggling with is step 4, find the folder. This is the folder I want to find:


And below are all the folders, but I am clueless as to which is the 'Search Folders' one:

I had this exact same question and found my 'Search Folders' under the 'Finder' node.
Hi Cliopia,

Just to be clear it's the line in yellow that I want to delete, not the folders that are listed underneath it, i.e. not just the 'Unread Mail' folder.


So it looks like this after:


Is this what you achieved? And if so which item under Finder did you delete? I have tried hiding them all and deleting them all but to no avail:

Correct - that is the one I got rid of. I deleted the ms-olk folders when I was unable to add the hidden property. Outlook/Exchange tend to restore missing default folders and it looks like it added the one back.


This is an office 365 account -

search.png[DOUBLEPOST=1408250387,1408249310][/DOUBLEPOST]Hmm. I tried it on a second exchange account tonight and it didn't work. :( So i restarted outlook and the one i deleted yesterday came back. So did the sync issues folder I hid.
Thank you for your reply Diane, I have tried deleting the MS-OLK folders without success. When you click to delete the folders did you check the box to perform a hard (permanent/unrecoverable) deletion?


I have attempted to try this option but when I do I get this error message:


Thank you,
Somehow I got it working once and have not been able to repeat it, plus it came back quickly. I'm considering this " not possible" because its apparently not a long term solution. Sorry. I tried moving them and screwed up my mailbox and had to make a new one.

It's not unusual to delete default folders and have outlook recreate them, but it usually takes a few weeks, making it somewhat worthwhile to do. This just isn't - even though I'd love to get rid of them.
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