1. farrissf

    Outlook 2016 Optimizing Email Searches in Outlook 2016: Seeking Insights on Quick Search vs Advanced Search Features

    Hello everyone! I'm delving into the nuances of email search functionalities in Outlook 2016 and facing some challenges. Specifically, I often use the quick search feature (above the email list but below the ribbon), which provides options like "This Folder" or "All Mailboxes." This feature is...
  2. GregS

    Downloaded msgs. come infrequently, in batches.

    I'm using Windows 10 and Outlook 2016. My ISP is Time Warner, and I have a second account for Outlook.com in order to sync my messages with iPhone. Example of the problem would be renewing a password. The site says "..sending to your inbox...". In my case it may be literally more than an hour...
  3. M

    10 Imap gmail accounts into OL2016-32b want 1 calendar

    Hi Diane, I am about to reset clean install my win10-64bit OS and also new (hopefully cleaner and more automated) IMAP Office365/Outlook2016-32bit (no exchange). I have roughly 10 gmail accounts (4-5 of those are primary use email accounts) My primary issue is two fold: 1) i would like just...