1. P

    Print attachments automatically and move the mail to an existing folder called "Ted"

    I'm very new to VBA and I'm hoping someone can help me with a script that moves an email from say 10 different senders to a specific folder called "ted" for example. I have a working rule with the script enabled which prints the email attachments automatically, but when ever I try to make an...
  2. G

    Schedule recurring email and attachments display

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'd like to set up a recurring email within Outlook. I've been told that you can't schedule an email to send but I've been given a code to convert a calendar invite into an email (as its a calendar invite I can schedule it to send when I want) The only...
  3. L

    Macro/VBA to Reply All, with the original attachments

    My company uses an ERP system that emails our customers their invoices as attachments. For whatever reason, these emails from the ERP system are not delivered to Gmail or Yahoo email accounts, but we have included ourselves as recipients and get it without issue. From there we can Reply All...
  4. R

    Limiting length of saved attachment in VBA

    I have a simple macro that is saving email attachments. This has been working great, however an application that is accessing these files appears to have an issue with long file names (over 100 characters in length). I'm not a vba expert, but wondered if someone might know how to...
  5. I

    Saving attachments from multiple emails and updating file name

    Let me start by saying that i am a VBA rookie and am trying to learn. I need to be able to download all attachments and embedded images from multiple emails in outlook and save them to a specified folder with a naming convention of Attachmentname_SubjectLine_Email Address_Date of Email. I was...
  6. geofferyh

    How to change the Attachment File Name?

    The attached VBA macro works with Outlook 2010 Rules, saving the attachment in reservation messages that meet the condition of the rule. The macro saves an Excel .csv file attachment to a very specific location, that being: C:/MarinaPro/ResScheduler/. I need to change the original .csv file...
  7. D

    Print attachments automatically and moves the mail to a new folder

    Hello, First of all I want to say that I have done some research on the forum, and can't seem to find any solution to my problem. As my Outlook is of newer version and that it is 64-bit instead of 32-bit. This is my challenge: I receive daily a lot of emails with attachments that I want to...
  8. I

    Forwarding attachments in email received

    I am looking for vba code to forward attachments in an email received to be forwarded to a particular email id. I can set rule if the attachment count is one however I need to send each attachments in the email individually to the email id. Thank you
  9. M

    Outlook 2016 msg attachments

    Having an odd problem with Outlook 2016. I frequently save Outlook messages in the Windows 10 file system as msg files, formatted as html. If I double-click one of those messages, it appears in Outlook with full html formatting. However, if I attach the same msg file to another html email to...
  10. I

    Print Automatically Attachments

    Hi! I use Outlook 2013 64 bit standalone with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Up to now, when I receive pdf invoices in a certain email account, I need to open the email and print them manually. There is the usual Rules settings into Outlook 2013 that will print all the pdf files attached to...
  11. A

    Add attachments to appointment based on field values

    I'm working on a custom outlook form based on outlooks Appointment form. The user will fill out the appointment as you would normally, and then there is a second page where you enter various details. I have a few fields where an exact file path is stored. I want the document located at this...
  12. C

    Auto Add a PDF to an outgoing Email, based on a rule

    Hello I would like to have a few PDF files and based on a keyword in the body of an outgoing Outlook message for the appropriate PDF to be autoattached eg I might have Audi.pdf BMW.pdf Toyota.pdf in the outgoing email I would have a 'code string' for instance eg *audinews* When this is seen...