1. T

    Outlook is categorizing emails incorrectly

    All of a sudden, some of my emails are being categorized incorrectly and automatically by outlook desktop. When I right click the email and choose "All Categories" I see the category checked, but it is not a category I created (see first photo). If I unclick the checkmark, and "OK", the email is...
  2. farrissf

    Category list to pick from

    I have been wanting to use Categories to identify my emails for my construction projects, I ran across this article Create a List of Color Categories to Merge or Restore which gave me the key to uploading all my project codes as categories. Thanks to you, I am all set up to start using my new...
  3. C

    Move or copy from field to field

    Hi , I`m new here and don`t know much about VBA so I have a question is it possible to move or copy category(only name without colours) from the default category field to another user made field i.e: category2, for all selected items (mails) in Outlook 2007 ?? Thank you for any help
  4. T

    Increasing the number of items that appear on the Categories list

    Maybe I'm hallucinating, but for a brief period after a recent Outlook 2016 for Desktop update, it seems like I had more than 15 Categories to choose from when clicking on the Categorize ribbon button. I understand that I can click "All Categories," but I'm looking for a way for more of my...
  5. A

    Outlook macro to create search folder with mail categories as criteria

    Hi there, Since 2010, my workflow is based on the principle of Control Your Day. Main tools are categories and search folders. I have improved the process by adding my own VBAs to add next actions to the context folder. The last missing piece I can not get working is the ability to create a...
  6. P

    Categorise emails on sending - macro not working in Preview mode

    Hello, I use the following macro to assign a category to any outgoing email message (Outlook 2013) 'Categorize Sent Items 'Place in ThisOutlookSession Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean) If TypeOf Item Is Outlook.MailItem And Len(Item.Categories) = 0...
  7. M

    receive mail when appointment category changes and create task from appointment

    Hi, I'm looking for a code to receive an email when an appointment gets a specific category. And I'm looking for a code to convert an appointement to an task request. Looking forward to your response! Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Marjorie