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    Need to convert .mmf file to .pst format

    Hello! I have some (obviously) outdated .mmf files created when Microsoft Mail was in use. I'd like to find some way to convert these to .pst format so that I can access the contents. I am looking for some utility or help to accomplish this. There are contents that are sentimental and otherwise...
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    Outlook 2016 64bit - on receipt convert emails into PDF and save

    Hi, I could not find a VBA for this. Is there a way to convert received emails, as they are received, into PDF and save the PDF into a defined folder in the computer hard disk? This should work as a rule, only for selected emails (depending who is the sender). Any advice is welcome :-)
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    What is the best way to find all records of an e-mail for our company?

    I need to find all records of e-mail conversations that occurred between a couple company employees and an external user (e-mail). Is it possible to do that with Exchange System Manager. Also, I have collected all of the employee's .OST files. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Is there any...
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    receive mail when appointment category changes and create task from appointment

    Hi, I'm looking for a code to receive an email when an appointment gets a specific category. And I'm looking for a code to convert an appointement to an task request. Looking forward to your response! Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Marjorie