data files

  1. RBLampert

    Assigning a newly (re)created e-mail account to a specific .pst data file

    I'm having to rebuild my Outlook accounts after moving from a "spinner" hard drive to a solid-state one. As I recreate my e-mail accounts, I want to assign each one to an already-existing .pst file on a cloud storage service (Dropbox), rather than on the local SSD so I can access the data from...
  2. R

    Reinstall to a different drive or folder

    I can not believe how difficult this has been to accomplish. I needed larger data storage so I decided to start fresh with a 250G SSD Win7 64 Ultimate system to run all apps on (C:) and added a 4TB data drive (D:). Of course, I want apps on the C: and all my data on D:. So I've installed...
  3. L

    outlook data file confusion

    somehow, outlook 2013 with gmail (pop), has created this set up in local outlook as my folder structure and as the data files tab in account management: "Outlook Data File" (server) "Archives" (local) "My Outlook Data File" (server) "Outlook Data File" (server) The duplication of the...