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I can not believe how difficult this has been to accomplish. I needed larger data storage so I decided to start fresh with a 250G SSD Win7 64 Ultimate system to run all apps on (C:) and added a 4TB data drive (D:). Of course, I want apps on the C: and all my data on D:.

So I've installed Office 2013 back on C: and I have my old OST and PST's for my two IMAP email accounts on the D: drive though I shouldn't need them except to import rules, signatures, etc.

I've spent hours on this and other sites trying to figure out how to put the PST and OST files onto my data D: drive with no luck. Could it be that placing Data Files elsewhere is just not possible? If it is can someone please tell me how in a step-by-step (for a former Network Engineer) way how to do it?

Thank you in advance!
PST: no problem. Move it and when you restart outlook, point to it. Use the forcePSTPath key to force outlook to always use the desired folder. (If you move the Documents folder in Windows, the outlook files folder should move with it. )

IMAP account data files: use the ForcePSTPath key. See How to move IMAP data files

OST (for Exchange/ 365): more difficult but doable. For best results, use the ForceOSTPath key before adding the account to the profile. See Moving an Outlook Offline Data File (*.ost) for more info.

You can also use the junction points to repoint folders.

FWIW, imap or exchange data files don't need backed up and can't be reused and can stay on the ssd if you have room.
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