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I have 2 main accounts that I have set up in outlook 2013. One is an IMAP and the other is an outlook.com account. I am using the outlook.com for calendar and contact syncing between a few different devices. I followed the instructions for wetting up a default email sending account no matter what PST i am looking at at a given time by following the link below:

I have also set up my calender and contacts to use my outlook.com account as default using the following instructions:
This way if my computer goes down or i want to sync data across multiple devices i have that ability.

This all works well.

When creating a meeting notice the email default is not used. I want the default sender to be my IMAP account (default email account). Even though it is going into my outlook.com calendar. I know that I can click on the "From" drop down and select the IMAP account and everything looks like it is sent from my IMAP and is placed in my outlook calender since it is the default data folder (not default email folder). I have on occasion forgot to select the correct account to send from and this can cause issues.

Is there a way to set a registry value or some other option in order to default to my IMAP account for calendar invites like with emails?
Are you opening the form from the calendar? Try opening the meeting request from the Inbox folder in the imap account. I'll see if i can put a macro together that uses a specific account. Oh wait, I think I have one - http://www.slipstick.com/developer/send-using-default-or-specific-account/ - its not automated when you hit the Meeting button, but is used instead of the New meeting button.
I was trying to create the meeting request in the calendar. When i tried selecting the imap account then creating a meeting from the mail pain then the imap account was selected for the (From: ). When I selected my outlook.com account then the that account was in the (From: ) box. So what this tells me is that the registry update that works great for emails, does not work for meeting requests. I think Microsoft should fix this. I know personal opinion and I may be the minority on outlook usage.

The macro works as well. Only issue I have with the new meeting macro is when i need to change a appointment to a meeting. Is there a macro for that?

On a side note. I have set my outlook.com to alias to my imap account as well and if I send any mail or meeting notices from inside the web interface it looks like it is coming from my imap account. When using outlook this does not work. Does the alias only work on the web? I am assuming this means i am using a different server with different settings when connecting through my phone or outlook compared to that of the web.
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