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    Synchronize contacts and calendars across multiple devices

    I have tried to solve my dilemma and have researched the internet thoroughly but I need help. I am using MS Outlook 2019. I have five (5) IMAP accounts. Two of the accounts have exact duplicates of my contact list and calendar. I am seeking advice which will result in turning off the duplicate...
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    Using "check for duplicates" for existing contacts

    Is there a way to use Outlook's "check for duplicates" feature to compare 2 existing contacts rather than a new contact and an existing contact?
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    Contact notes field replicating

    Have been working on cleaning up outlook contacts the past few weeks. Exported data to Excel, made changes, imported data to update. Just noticed that all of my contacts now have duplicated info in the notes section. Sometimes 6 or more times. No emails or HTML info is copied. It's all text...