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  1. M

    Use Macro to change account settings

    I have an email account on my provider's email server whose USERID is custom@[mydomain].com. In Outlook 365, I have this account set up to send only - not receive. I use this because when doing business with a new website ( I use newsite@[mydomain].com as my email address. When the...
  2. Bob Franklin

    Emails Not Received in my Outlook account

    Hello, I belong to the development industry and I develop mobile applications and websites. I have joined this community to get an issue resolved with the help of you guys. We use outlook for our official communications in the office as well as with our business clients. However, from past few...
  3. DAVID A

    moved the Outlook CST file - All subfolders lost

    I decided to move the Microsoft Outlook folder with the CST file in it... Because I am a massive idiot - I did not think to check first, before moving it (from My Documents to a deeper location in my folders). I noticed that when I (tried to) move it, it became duplicated (one folder still in...
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Manually create a POP3 account in Outlook 2007

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