excel 2013

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    save email from excel

    Dear Sir wishing you a good day. we have a Excel VBA code that saves the selected email from outlook and hyperlinks a cell to it. but the problem is when the selected email is from a search result on "All Mailboxes". I would be thankful if you check what the problem is and let me know. Sub...
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    Export details to a excel spreadsheet using macros

    Hi All, I'm new here so please bare with me, I run multiple projects with multiple staff needing access to emails currently we just print the emails off and file them in a lever arch file. I'm wanting to create macro to export key details from an email to a project specific email register so...
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    Outlook Randomly Not attaching (attachment file)

    Hello. I am using Office 2013. I have excel vba working great except for outlook doesn't attach the file 100% of the time. Sometimes it attaches and sometimes it doesn't. It only acts up for remote (out of the office) individuals. The excel macro runs and attaches an email in outlook and saves...
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    MS OUTLOOK 2013 - Adding Sender on the CC line

    Hello. I am now on my final issue. Thank you!!!!!! I have the following vb code (attached) and I am trying to add the sender automatically to the .cc line. the Sender will change so i can't hardcode an email address automatically to the .cc line. I currently have a specified group on the .cc...
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    MS OFFICE 2013 - Outlook locking up when using the sent on behalf of feature in VB

    Hello. I am using Office 2013. I have a excel file that I run a macro and attaches an attachment in Outlook. I am using the sent on behalf of name command within the vb. Everything works great. (the email is saved in the drafts folder which I want it to do) .SentOnBehalfOfName = But when I...