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    Exporting IM Address field

    I use the wizard to export a contact folder but I use the field mapping because I don't want most of the fields. But one of the fields I DO want is the IM address (I used it for some info I wanted on each contact) and it doesn't seem to appear in the field mapping list anywhere unless I'm just...
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    Export details to a excel spreadsheet using macros

    Hi All, I'm new here so please bare with me, I run multiple projects with multiple staff needing access to emails currently we just print the emails off and file them in a lever arch file. I'm wanting to create macro to export key details from an email to a project specific email register so...
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    Outlook 2016\365 export specific rules to import in another system

    Is there a procedure whereby I could export certain settings (specifically the ones under Junk Email Options) to a file so those same settings can be imported into a different account using the same version of Outlook 2016 Exchange. It needs to be as specific as possible and not just Every Rule...