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I use the wizard to export a contact folder but I use the field mapping because I don't want most of the fields.
But one of the fields I DO want is the IM address (I used it for some info I wanted on each contact) and it doesn't seem to appear in the field mapping list anywhere unless I'm just missing it somehow.

So now that I put some info in that field, I can't seem to get it back out.
Any ideas?

(Please don't send general explanation of how to export. That part I have. I specifically want to know how to export the IM address field. Thanks.)

Exporting to Excel although it shouldn't matter to what file I'm exporting. That field doesn't seem to be available for field mapping.

Thanks. I tried that and the paste was a mess. That's cause I was including the Notes field. Exporting handled the Notes field beautifully. The Notes column was a bit weird, HOWEVER, all Notes were in the same column and all rows were 'single' looking until I clicked on a Notes cell. Then the rows got very big in height, but...all the weird stuff about Notes was contained within the cell, but the correct cell. When I tried the copy paste approach, I ended up with the Notes causing wrapping to other rows, setting everything after it off so the only info in the correct columns was the first row and a few more after that. I think any Notes that had a paragraph mark in them caused all the next rows to be off their correct columns by causing wrapping. But export was able to contain the paragraph mark wrapping in the correct cell.

Luckily, what I had in the IM address fields was indicators of something for which there were only 4 choices and the info was originally at the beginning of the notes field. So since I don't use the IM address (doesn't seem to work for the intended purpose - I IM via Skype and don't try to see the online status via Outlook which is what I read it was for) I decided to use it for this other purpose for which Outlook has no functionality. I needed to put in one of the 4 choices so I had a way to sort on that info. So I exported to Excel, sorted by Notes which worked and since this choice of 4 indicators was at the beginning of the Notes field I was able to quickly fill in the IM Address column I created.

But I did still want to know how to export it for the future but I guess I can't. Had the info in IM address been different for each and every contact, like it was designed to be, it would have been impossible to type them all in again.

Is the 'wizard' the only way to export? I know in some situations there's a 'wizard' and then there's a more manual way of doing things, like setting up an email account in Outlook for example. We go into the 'manual settings'.
So then are you telling me that the list in field mapping in the wizard are THE only exportable fields? If so, I'll copy those down so going forward I'll know that if I want to export I better use one of those fields.
Problem was I wanted a field on the home screen of contacts.
The only other ones are a phone field but those are self-formatting so that doesn't quite work.
Or 'other address' but I didn't want to have to keep going back and forth with the down arrow to see the info.
IM address is perfect - shows, handles text correctly, isn't being used, doesn't require custom form.
What a shame it can't be exported.

Oh wait...I just thought of a combo of my way and your way. I guess I could export it all, sort Excel and Outlook on the same field, like last name, then copy and paste just the IM address field and last name field (since I have more than one person per company) into Excel right beside the last name column in Excel so I can see that the Outlook rows are truly aligned with the correct Excel rows, then delete the now duplicate last name column in Excel and voila! Wish I had thought of this yesterday but your copy and paste suggestion just triggered it....:) Oh well, next time I'll know for ANY field that doesn't export.
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