How to get SMTP out of email address when exporting contacts?

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Ok, lets see if I can ask this in a way that isn't confusing.

I exported my boss' contacts, to import them into mine. I exported to a csv file, I then imported the .csv file to my computer over the network. When I look at the contacts it added, they all have the email address listed as which makes it impossible to actually send anyone an email. Is there a way to make it stop doing that when it exports?

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When you set up the export make sure that you do the Custom Mapping. In the right side of the dialog (the "to CSV") scroll down to where you see "email address", "email type" and "email display name" in the "Mapped From" column. Click on "email type" and drag it into the "from" side. Then continue my clicking OK. Complete the export.
When you import the SMTP will be gone.
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