I searched high and low for this answer in its most likely know but I thought I would be sure

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.Like I said I've been searching high and low for this answer and I figured if there was an answer that I couldn't find it would be here. Lately I'm starting to get all kinds of spam in the subject line in the middle section of my Outlook which is set up differently than most so it's Body, where the emails information is shown as is where it's from the subject line etc. all the sudden last week and 1/2 two weeks I'm getting a lot of bold kind of weird Italics font which is way different than the font I have chosen for my emails in that body. There obviously spam I'm wondering is it possible to filter any emails that are not the same font that I have selected for that section?
Sure I'd be happy to provide a screenshot, I had already deleted them but I move them back into my inbox so you could see what they look like. I left some original emails in their and of course blurt out any sensitive information. I'm sure you bill tell by this image what I'm talking about.

Thanks as always for your help Diane

Try resting the view - its either conditional formatting or font changes in Other Settings - both in View settings. Best guess is Conditional formatting. Resetting the view should fix either, but if it doesn't change Other Settings, the default fonts in other settings is Segoe UI Regular 8.
I've already said my conditional formatting to the way I wanted, I've also made sure my view settings a proper. The only reason I posted this is because there's a way they're getting around our settings and having their own fonts and styles to attract attention to their emails. There 100% spam so I just delete them I was just thinking if there was a way to filter Them out it would make life easier.
Can you post the internet header from one of the messages?
I would prefer not to post that in the forum because it includes obviously, my personal email information. However if you're interested I wouldn't a problem with sending it to you in a PM?
Here's a dumb question but I've not been able to find a way to PM you. If I click on your name and picture and start a conversation is that a private message to you? When I look in my inbox it also says start a conversation so I'm assuming that conversation is used on this form for both PMs and for anything in the Inbox?
Yes, use the start conversation button.
This is the subject:
Subject: =?UTF-8?B?8J2Zj/CdmZ3wnZma8J2ZriDwnZms8J2ZlvCdmaPwnZmpIPCdmanwnZmkIPCdmZnwnZma8J2ZqPCdmanwnZmn8J2ZpPCdma4g8J2ZqfCdmZ3wnZme8J2ZqCDwnZmr8J2ZnvCdmZnwnZma8J2ZpCDwnZmX8J2ZmvCdmZvwnZmk8J2Zp/CdmZog8J2ZqfCdmZ3wnZmaIPCdmaXwnZmq8J2Zl/CdmaHwnZme8J2ZmCDwnZmb8J2ZnvCdmaPwnZmZ8J2ZqCDwnZmp8J2ZnfCdmZrwnZme8J2ZpyDwnZmo8J2ZmvCdmZjwnZmn8J2ZmvCdmakuLi4=?=

It's something with the UTF encoding that cause the font to change - I'm not sure of the specifics as to why outlook cant display it as normal text though.
Yes that's what I figured, I just figured that the scammers have figured out a way to make their email Standout. I was just wondering if you were aware of it and if there was a way to filter them out but apparently not I do appreciate all your help
The standout part is the result of the character set it uses (which is why it needs encoded) and how outlook handles it. I dont think they use it so much to stand out, but because it makes it easier to slip through some filters.

It looks like it was good enough to slip through cloudmark: X-CM-Score: 0. If cloudmark has an option to score specific characters sets as more likely spam, that might help.
Exactly, I guess that's what I mean they found a way to slip through the filters.
I'm still dealing with all the spam and trying to figure out a way to get Outlook to just delete obvious spam emails. I realize that Outlook will do that on its own and I've tried many spam filters in the past the don't work well with Outlook 2010 so I'm left with just the rules. I've been doing a reading about Outlook 2010 rules and I saw on the Internet that on step number one you can choose to mark the email as read, on my number one I don't have any such option so when I'm setting a rule it does delete the email and puts it into the deleted folder but it still shows as a new mail on my taskbar icon. I have to go and so the deleted mail in market is read.

I'm not sure why when I said to rule I'm not given that option, I'm given several options to mark as importance priority etc. but not to market as read. That seems very strange to me because I would think that would be one of the first things they would give you the option to do.

I would appreciate any input you have on this
I found my answer it seems that the "Marked Read" is on the 2nd step of step 1..........lol
LOL. That'll get ya every time.
This isn't working, I'm getting 4-6 spam email every 30 minutes do you recommend any spam filter for Outlook 2010 ? or is there a way to reduce the amount of spam ?

I set rules and the rules are not even catching this stuff ??? I'm pulling my hair out............lol
If the outlook filter is not working good, you should use a 3rd party filter. If your mail host offers filtering use it, as they will remove the spam from the message stream before Outlook downloads it.

I have some utilities listed at Rules and Tools to Filter Junk Mail
Thanks Diane,
I read your Rules and Tools To Filter Junk Mail and since i have no luck with rules I may have to go with a 3rd party addon. I have tried Spam Bully & SPAMfighter wasn't real happy with either, I guess I liked SpamBully better than SPAMfighter but paying $40 every year was a bit much. I see you have free options also. Which one do you think is the best for Outlook 2010 with Windows 10 Pro free or paid ?
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