1. G

    Favorites panel entries move around after restarting Outlook 2016

    Hello For a while now, I've had a curious problem. Background: running Outlook 2016 on Win 10, fully updated, with Office subscription. Outlook 2016 has several accounts set up, with 3 main accounts: Home Outlook.com email, Work A Gmail and Work B Gmail. In my Favorites panel, I have added...
  2. T

    Recovering Favorites From Exchange

    Using Outlook 2013 x64 and Exchange 2013. My IT guy told me to run Outlook.exe /resetnavpane in order to fix a problem in a new mailbox that we added. In addition to not fixing the problem, it removed all my Favorites. Googling for a solution we checked the .xml files in the AppData folder...
  3. Kristine

    RS box added in Favorites disappears

    Hi All, Has anybody seen this issue wherein RS box added in Favorites disappears. User have 15-20 RS boxes added in Outlook and she is putting 5-6 of them under the Favorites. working limit to the number of RS mailboxes that can be attached and still function normally. Here are the things...