1. O

    Searching for Custom Flags

    Outlook 2016-64bit on Windows 10. I have a partner who uses Custom Flags for associating emails into "Case Numbers" He will assign a Custom Flag, for instance 1001, and can have 1 to many emails flagged with 1001. It actually works pretty effectively for him, however the built in search...
  2. A

    rules (flags) not working

    I had to reinstall Outlook 2016 and my rules that flag messages stopped working. I had the same problem when I first installed Outlook and asked this question on this forum. I discovered a solution myself at that time: do a scan and fix of the pst file. But this time this does not work. Well...
  3. A

    rule to flag messages not working

    Hi, I recently started using Outlook 2016. (I had been using 2003 up till now). I want every message that comes in to be flagged for follow up. I created rules that flags messages from each of my accounts to be flagged. Now the weirdest thing is that it works sometimes, and not at other times...
  4. Diane Poremsky

    Create a Task when a Message is Flagged

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