1. Z

    VBA to Collapse Task Folder Groups

    I am familiar with VBA, but most of my VBA experience is with Access. I would like to write VBA Code to collapse or expand all Task folder groups. This works with the tasks themselves using the native option under View - Expand/Collapse; however, it does not expand or collapse the sidebar groups...
  2. P

    IMAP Folders Dialog Box

    The "Display folders whose names contain:" Query input field in the "IMAP Folders" Dialog Box is case sensitive. To me this makes no sense. And it makes finding a particular folder more difficult. It also seems inconsistent with the way Windows 10 works in general. Does anyone know of some...
  3. I

    Automating message move between folders

    Hi, I am not sure if this is a "macro" question or I am just doing something wrong, but here's the scenario: At work, we're using Office365. I am sometimes using my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to read and archive or delete e-mail messages. If I use the inbuilt "Archive" button on the Galaxy's Outlook...
  4. S

    Automatically selecting folders and deleting messages in Outlook VBA

    Hello, I need a little Outlook VBA help please...I manually select a subfolder from a main folder that I created (not inbox, sent, delete, etc.) in my left-hand folder pane in Outlook and run this code to delete email messages contained in the folder. However, I have about 50 folders that I need...
  5. Diane Poremsky

    Working with VBA and non-default Outlook Folders

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  6. Z

    Search in 2 folders with their subfolders

    Hi all, I try to find the trick how manage search in 2 different folders (1) located in different data files and (2) with their subfolders. I need it, as my company (Intel) uses MailCloud as a backup for our Outlook mail system, and all folder has 2 parts: containing last year (365 days)...