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    Fetch, edit and forward an email with VBA outlook

    Hello everyone I have never used VBA and I was assigned a task at work, but I can't complete it, so I thought I would ask for your help. What they asked me to do is: 1)Fetch from the inbox ( only some emails (to recognize them I noticed that these emails in the body contain "Ticket...
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    VBA to auto forward message with new subject and body text

    I know this gets asked a lot but none of the solutions I have found seem to be working for me. I am trying to auto forward an email from a specific sender and with a specific subject to a list of new recipients. I'm also trying to change the subject and body of the email when forwarding. I have...
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    Forward every other email in Outlook 2013

    Looking for some kind of script or code to run to forward every other incoming email that comes from a specific email address to a certain person. In other words, I get emails from, and every other email needs to be forwarded to Dave, and every other email needs to be forwarded to...