outlook 2016 exchange

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    Using conditional formatting on a shared calendar with categories

    I have an interesting problem that I am really hoping someone has a good solution for. Context and issue: I am using Outlook 2016 Exchange I have access to a shared calendar (with editor rights). The owner of the shared calendar has most meetings color-coded using categories. I would like the...
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    Syncing notes between Outlook 2016/Exchange and Outlook for Android

    Hello, I have a client who uses the Notes function in his Outlook (2016)/32bit/Windows 10 Pro extensively. He has two exchange and two IMAP accounts. One of the Exchange accounts is through onmicrosoft.com. We've been using for his contacts/calendaring. His Android smartphone (LG V20) is...
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    outlook 2016 manual exchange config

    We have outlook 2016. We had an internal exchange server, but am in the process of moving to hosted exchange. With outlook 2010 and 2013 I can use the outlook profile config tool to configure. Tool does not work with 2016. I have autodiscover pointing to my hosted exchange server, but when...