1. S

    Appointment font size when printing only changes Tasks' font

    I'm using Outlook 2016. For the print templates that include a Task List (Daily, Tri-fold), when you change the "Appointments" font it doesn't actually change the font size of the Appointments. Instead, it changes the font size of the Task list, leaving the Appointment fonts the same size. You...
  2. D

    Print attachments automatically and moves the mail to a new folder

    Hello, First of all I want to say that I have done some research on the forum, and can't seem to find any solution to my problem. As my Outlook is of newer version and that it is 64-bit instead of 32-bit. This is my challenge: I receive daily a lot of emails with attachments that I want to...
  3. Diane Poremsky

    Replace Display Names with Email Addresses

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  4. L

    Outlook 2002: HTML Emails Will Not Print: Please Help

    As a long-time database contractor, my single-user mission critical business-only workstation (ThinkPad T61p) runs legacy software (WinXP Pro SP3, Office XP (Outlook 2002 plus some Office 2007 compatibility updates), Kaspersky Enterprise Security (KES v10 workstation only - not server-based)) in...
  5. C

    Printing tasks with multiple categories

    Hi I use multiple catergories on each task to define importance / urgency /project etc.etc. When I print a to do list for the day ( I know, uses trees, not the modern way, but that's the way I like it), I just want to print each task selected once. Whatever I do by way of filtering or...