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  1. CWM330

    This rule has a condition that the server cannot process?

    Hi, I am setting up rules for the first time for my Fastmail IMAP account in Outlook 365 For every rule I have set up: From is: XXX@XXX.COM MOVE TO: XXX Stop Processing filters But, every time I edit my filters I get a warning message saying " This rule has a condition that the server...
  2. R

    Auto Forwarding with different "From"

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone could help with this... I usually use rules to auto forward email to forward bulk emails to different email id for further actions. But I am looking for a way to change ‘From’ address while forwarding. I tried to search for solutions but didn’t get any good...
  3. T

    "Words In Recipient's Address" Rule Causes Outlook To Stop Processing Rules

    For years I have wondered why Outlook would not process my Rules and Alerts automatically when an email arrived. I simply resigned myself to Run All Rules manually every couple of hours, which is terribly inefficient. I also implemented Diane's awesome macro to run rules based on a Task...
  4. D

    Moving Emails Based on Recipient/Sender

    Greetings, I have what seems like should be an easy challenge but the simplistic "Outlook Rules" are not getting me all the way to my solution. I was hoping folks here could maybe help. I need to separate emails that are both from and to internal company people from emails that include...
  5. Diane Poremsky

    Autoaccept a Meeting Request using Rules

    Diane Poremsky submitted a new article on Autoaccept a Meeting Request using Rules Continue reading the Original Article at