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    Use Macro to change account settings

    I have an email account on my provider's email server whose USERID is custom@[mydomain].com. In Outlook 365, I have this account set up to send only - not receive. I use this because when doing business with a new website ( I use newsite@[mydomain].com as my email address. When the...
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    Change settings Send/receive VBA

    I have several email accounts that you used with Outlook POP. Various of gmail. And I travel a lot. Now, GMail, every time I change country, or even city, blocks it and asks for confirmation through the browser. It becomes necessary to open each GMail account in the Browser and confirm that it...
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    iCloud Setting missing Outlook tab and Outlook missing the iCloud refresh button

    Got a new computer and have problems in connecting synch iCloud and Outlook 365 (2016?). Have problems in both Outlook and iCloud Settings. 1. In Outlook, the iCloud add-in is checked and indicates that the add-in is active. However in Outlook, the iCloud Refresh button on the menu is not...