task views

  1. E

    Can't accept or decline task (no button appears)

    Hello, I can't accept or decline tasks that are sent to me. I don't even see the button. Also my message looks weird. However I can send task to the same person and everything is ok.
  2. Z

    How to show concatenated categories in list task view?

    Is there a way to sort Tasks by Category in a table view, but concatenate the Category if there is more than one? I have tried creating a custom field using [Category]&" "&[Category] but that doesn't show the second (or third or fourth, etc) category. This would be SUPER helpful if I could...
  3. N

    Column view fonts

    I wanted to make the fonts larger for my task view. While in the column view I went to View, View Settings, Other Settings - Fonts and Other Table View Settings and changed Column Font, Row Font and AutoPreview Font all from 8 pt to 10 pt and clicked all the OKs. The tasks that are in red cause...
  4. copperberry

    How to display incomplete tasks due on or before 7 days from now

    I love the Next 7 Days view in Tasks. However, I wish it also listed any other tasks that were due before today that are still incomplete. How do I set this up in the Manage Views? I tried entering the following in the Advanced Tab, but it didn't work: Status not equal to Completed Due Date on...