1. M

    Issues with templates - unable to find in old web app

    Hi, I am trying to assist my team in setting up outlook templates, I have managed to do it on one of the mailboxes they use which looks like this- I can find the 'my templates' on this one and set them up with no issues But there is an odd old mailbox we have which looks like this and does...
  2. J

    Add Fillable Fields to Existing Template

    Hello, is it possible to create a mini form that is available when preparing an email template to send out? In this case there would be 2 fields to enter <user name> and <computer number>. Thank you.
  3. Diane Poremsky

    Using the Outlook Calendar Template

    Diane Poremsky submitted a new article on Slipstick.com Using the Outlook Calendar Template Continue reading the Original Article at Slipstick.com