vba outlook send mail automatically

  1. M

    Replyall macro with template and auto insert receptens

    Hello ! I am trying to "merge" the Automatic insert receptens name and replyall with template macro.. What am i doing wrong ?? Im trying to merge theese 2. They work seperately. But after adding the autoinsert names to field the Replyall macro with template wont add the item. GOAL: Is that...
  2. undercover_smother

    Automatically Forward All Sent Mail and Delete After Send

    Greetings, I've tried a few options but none have worked. I'm trying to get all SENT emails from a 2010 email account to forward to another email account (on same server; I don't know if that is relevant) and to delete the forwarded email. Some notes: - This is to observe an employee that I...
  3. A

    Forward Outlook Email by Filtering using Macro Rule

    Hello All, I'm having trouble coding Regex with vba Can anyone help me with missing part to make the Outlook VBA script below work? What I'm trying to do is filter the email body that contains a less than symbol <, it will forward to a specific email address. Here is so far what I have...
  4. J

    Auto Forward - Include Attachment and change Subject depending on original sender

    Please help me create a script that will help me save A LOT of time. I need an auto forward that will include the attachment, all to the SAME EMAIL, but I need to change the subject based on who I received the email from(up to 5 different ones). Maybe an IF statement or WHILE loop? Any help...
  5. stephen li

    VBA Outlook send mail automatically by specified outlook mail box

    I try to make a Marco to help our HR to send birthday mail to our colleagues automatically by recording there information into an excel file. The Marco as below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub...