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    Outlook 2021 Can anyone explain why my Outlook views keep changing?!

    Recently I've made a few changes to my view settings (I use several views in Outlook for different purposes) - mainly adding a few extra conditional formatting options (which I find very helpful for prioritising emails). Everything was fine for a day or two then, suddenly some (but not all) of...
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    Posts in Folder No Longer Group by Conversation Column After Search

    Long before the "group by conversation" feature appeared in Outlook, I have been using folders with items created by "Post to This Folder". In my case, I create posts to remember programming problems I have solved. I use the conversation column to group my posts. This type of item allows me...
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    Column view fonts

    I wanted to make the fonts larger for my task view. While in the column view I went to View, View Settings, Other Settings - Fonts and Other Table View Settings and changed Column Font, Row Font and AutoPreview Font all from 8 pt to 10 pt and clicked all the OKs. The tasks that are in red cause...
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    Outlook 2016 - Tasks View Settings Missing

    I use tasks extensively. I use custom fields and I use: Grouping, Sorting, Conditional Formatting, and Filtering, to customize my task lists. Grouping, Sorting, Conditional Formatting, and Filtering are usually available by right clicking on the column headers and selecting View Settings in...